Since 2005, Companies & hackers have leaked over 1.5 billion sensitive records, and the number and cost of breaches are growing. Learn how to put your small business or personal privacy on alert for cyber security threats.

Internet scams are happening everyday with Ransomware taking photos of individuals and demanding payments, Our Privcy SmartCover can save you from this happening to you or loved ones.

It is perfect to provide privacy, security, and peace of mind to individuals, groups, companies, organizations and governments.

Easy to use, You can easily tear off the back protection film, then align it to your webcam, attach and press firmly for 15 seconds for a strong but non-permanent seal. Simply place your finger on the cover and slide to hide or unhide the webcam.

100% Efficiency & Effectiveness

Our personal life is constantly being violated by the outside world.

Privacy, security and peace of mind you deserve.

  • Protect individuals from kids to the elderly.
  • Protect against spying on any local and online network.
  • Protect against government organized spying.
  • Protect IP (Intellectual Property), business activities, trade secrets and business projects from competition spying.
  • Protect confidential, secret and top secret information.
  • Ultimately control whether your camera can see.
  • Raise awareness about privacy.
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Simply press the Privcy SmartCover onto any smooth surface and easily slide open/close for when you would like to use your webcam.


Laptops, iPad, SmartTVs, Tablets, PC, iPhone and Android


Our Privcy SmartCover provides the best formula on the market to ensure that our products will stay on your device temporarily or long term.

Are you one of those who uses a sticker, tape or a post-it?

There are several drawbacks to using them:

  • They ruin the look and feel of your device.
  • They always have to be removed and replaced.
  • They do not last very long.
  • When using them you leave finger marks on your device.
  • They leave residue on your device you have to clean.

We provide a sophisticated solution to all these problems!

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Full Control


What our customers are saying.

"I use my laptop for almost everything and I can't even imagine someone looking through my webcam to invade my privacy"

Professional MUA

"This is actually how things are supposed to be, give me the option if I want anyone watching me without my consent"

Forex/Crypto Trader

"Having a Privcy SmartCover gives me the peace of mind that I've been missing with the digital age were in and so many hackings are happening, Im proud to know for 100% that know one can see me without my consent. Thats true freedom and privacy"


A lifetime of use without the worry of your privacy being violated.

Webcam spying is a growing issue that can threaten your privacy via any electronic device that contains a webcam. The solution is quite simple; plenty of documented webcam hacking incidents could have been easily avoided by a simple Privcy SmartCover. Our elegant and practical design serves as the perfect alternative to that ugly sticker or post-it note on your laptop, tablet or desktop.

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